Dialogue - Overview

Social innovations from their very nature are concerned with a much broader range of stakeholders than traditional innovations. In order to produce outcomes that really matter, it is crucially important that the relevant stakeholders are involved in the innovation process. Referring to the idea of participation and collaboration, processes of co-creation and learning across organisation boundaries are central aspects of social innovation and the «designerly approach». Against this background, continuous stakeholder dialogue is the core of the projects participatory research agenda. It focuses on the active engagement of social innovation stakeholders in the project's research activities. Through an iterative process of research, reflection and action, stakeholder dialogue will be guaranteed throughout the project.

More precisely, intermediaries of vulnerable groups, policy makers and statistical experts will be engaged through

These activities are supplemented by the exchange with social innovators from the private, public, no-profit and informal sector during the Go to Collecting Evidencefieldwork as well as at practitioners conferences in a «Science meets Practice» manner and trough taking stock of the consortium's and Go to Associated Partnersassociated partners networks. The exchange with the scientific community will take place at conferences, through lecturing at the partnering universities as well as through the utilisation of consortium and associated partners networks.