SI Evaluation Toolbox


This is a toolbox for the Ex-Ante Impact Assessment of social innovations, based upon SIMPACT's framework. It proposes a series of convenient and useful tools to apply in an ex-ante assessment of social innovation.

What is an ex-ante assessment?

Ex-ante means to provide a preview of possible impacts of an investment in or management of a social innovation. In the end, impact can only be understood from the perspectives of outcomes, i.e. long term societal changes. Assessment refers to measuring impact in a systematic manner.

Who is it for?

This framework aims to be a practical guide to both assessor and assesses by structuring the development and decision process, thereby providing «grip» to policymakers, social investors and social innovators within the complex process of assessing the impact of a social innovation within SIMPACT's policy areas unemployment, immigration and demographic change.

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January 23, 2017

Social Innovation Evaluation Toolbox

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